Clever Household Uses For Dental Floss

Dental floss is something you should always have around – and hopefully you’re using it everyday to clean in between your teeth. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, you should practice flossing twice a day. But, besides getting in between your teeth, dental floss also has some clever uses around the home. From hanging photos (Boston general contractor Tom Silva of This Old House recommends it over wire because it does not mar the wall paint), to acting as a micro-spatula, read on how you can use floss around the home:

Line Drying Clothing – If you ever need to make a quick clothesline, super-strong floss is a great choice. Just suspend the string between two stationary objects, and voila! It’s tough enough to hold wet clothes, guaranteed.
Replace a Shoestring – In case of a broken lace, you can use floss to fill in until you find a real replacement. Again, it’s super strong, so it’s up to the job.
Remove Sticky Photos – Old photos are prone to adhering themselves to the album page. To remove them without risking damage, simply slide a piece of floss between the picture and the page. It should separate with ease.
Make a hair tie – Self explanatory, but absolutely perfect in a pinch.
Quiet a dripping faucet – This little trick might make a difference between you and a good night’s sleep. If your faucet is leaking and it’s too late to call a plumber, tie a piece of floss to the faucet and let it drip down to the basin. This way the water will simply trail down the floss, without dripping.

Have you ever used floss in an unconventional way? Let us know by leaving comments below!
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