Cracked Tooth: Causes, Symptoms, and Preventive Tips

Although the teeth are found to be durable, certain cases cause these structures to decay or even crack. A cracked tooth is one of the most common dental issues and may result in tooth loss if left untreated.

Several factors can cause the teeth to crack, including:

  • Large fillings that they weaken…

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Tips to Help Your Mouth Heal After a Tooth Extraction

Most people would agree that they don't look forward to having their teeth extracted. However, some instances require the said procedure instead of compromising more structures or overall oral health. At Town Center Dental of LaGrange, patients can rest easy since our dentist understand that extraction is not the most pleasant procedure. So, to make the experience more bearable,…

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Familiarizing the Risk Factors of Gum Disease

If you think that you are safe from the effects of gum disease by brushing first thing in the morning and right before sleeping, you are mistaken. Even by brushing religiously every day, a person can still be at risk of the potentially devastating condition. That is because you may have been missing on the other necessities to keep the overall oral health in shape. Remember, sound…

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Teeth in a Day Surgery and How It Transforms Your Smile

From the name of the surgery itself, it is easy to tell what this procedure is all about. It might seem unbelievable, but it’s real! Teeth in a Day surgery exists to remove and replace teeth in a span of one day. Not only that, all bone procedures are completed in a day as well. It is known to have less recovery time compared to regular dental surgery. Permanent implants are more…

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Ease Your Fears: Know More About Sedation Dentistry

Despite the introduction of newer services and techniques in the field of dentistry, many people still can't help but feel anxious and scared. Know that dentists totally understand patients who feel this way, and they should know they are not alone. Many people also suffer from dental anxiety that can sometimes be too much that they would choose not to see the dentist at all. Rather…

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Survive Your First Week of Wearing Invisalign Aligners in Lagrangeville, NY

It is normal for patients to feel excited after finally receiving their first set of Invisalign aligners. Not long enough, they will have to get the straight smile that they wish to have. However, before they could see the final result, there are certain steps that they need to follow first to make the treatment successful. Don’t worry—Invisalign is not as burdensome as the traditional…

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Know More About All-On-4 Implants with These FAQs in Lagrangeville, NY

For patients who are suffering from tooth loss, knowing that there is a solution for their dental dilemma can make them feel better. Fortunately, the technological advances made way for several restorative dentistry options that patients can take advantage of. Instead of opting for a wobbly appliance or a prosthesis that requires enamel reduction to be held in place, another alternative…

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Dealing with TMJ in Lagrangeville, NY: Do's and Don'ts?

Oral health care does not only stop in securing the state of the teeth and gums. The other oral structures matter as well that is why dental offices offer a wide range of services like us at Town Center Dental of LaGrange. We understand that there are patients who may encounter problems with their jaw and facial muscles due to their temporomandibular joints. These joints are the…

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Reasons to Consider CEREC Crowns in Lagrangeville, NY?

Looking back can make anyone realize how advanced everything is nowadays. From high-end gadgets to the things that can be done on the internet like bookings, scheduling, and even purchases, almost everything can now be performed conveniently, even in dentistry!

For instance, the usual hassles of wearing an orthodontic appliance are now significantly…

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Is Having a White Smile Your Goal This 2019? - Lagrangeville, NY

How will you describe your life last year? Everything worked smoothly - you had been promoted to work, graduated with a degree, or you got your new business. We at Town Center Dental of LaGrange wish that goodness will persist as you head towards the new year.

It is indeed overwhelming to know that the year 2018 for you was as colorful as the hue of…

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