Are You Dreaming Of A White Christmas? We Can Make It Happen!

LaGrangeville NY Teeth Whitening from ZOOMHave you Googled "chances of snow on Christmas day in Lagrangeville, NY" yet? We have! Chances are looking pretty good this year according to We could not be any more excited about the outlook! SNOW BALL FIGHTS!!!!

Do you know one thing that could really put a damper on playing in the wintery white snow? Your yellowish or grayish teeth can sure stand out when compared to the falling white snow. Think about the selfies you'll be taking while on a sled, building a snowman or creating snow angels. These super white activities could really serve as a contrast to your discolored teeth.

To ensure great social media posts for our upcoming white winter holidays, Town Center Dental has your back, or shall we say, we have your SMILE?

We are offering a Holiday ZOOM Whitening Special. We'll get your smile ready for every holiday event on your calendar...especially the ones in our forecasted snow!

When checking the forecast for your smile for the holidays, you can be sure you will have a white one with our whitening systems available to you.

Town Center Dental's Special offers include:

In Office ZOOM Whitening - You can expect a comfortable experience and dramatic results. You can lighten your teeth by up to ten shades in as little as one hour.

Take-Home ZOOM Whitening -This kit includes whitening gel and customized application trays to utilize in the comfort of your own home.

2-Year Complimentary Whitening Upkeep

Call and book your ZOOM Whitening at Town Center Dental today. And why not consider gifting one to a friend or loved one as well. The gift of a confident smile shows your loved ones you really care.

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