Food for Tooth: What to Eat After a Wisdom Tooth Removal in Lagrangeville, NY

The third molars that are last to grow at the back of the gums are known as wisdom teeth. Typically, people develop four wisdom teeth and due to the lack of space, sometimes they may peak at odd angles or might only emerge partly. When this occurs, the wisdom teeth are identified as impacted.

Having the third molars impacted might result in numerous…

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Treat Gum Disease Before It's Too Late - Lagrangeville, NY

Do you experience bleeding gums when you brush or floss your teeth? Have you noticed your gums turned red? Those are some of the symptoms of gum disease. Stop it before it spreads! Your gums and teeth work together to give your smile a boost, but they can’t work by themselves. Visiting a dentist for further assessment of your dental condition is essential. Here at Town Center Dental, we will help you understand more about Gum Disease and its Treatment.
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