White After Labor Day? Yes Please!

Poughkeepsie NY Cosmetic Dental TreatmentsAre you part of the "you can't wear white after Labor Day" moratorium? Are you a rule follower not willing to bend on the first Monday in September date for packing all of your white clothes and accessories away until spring? If you hold fast to this rule, we'd like to give you a congratulatory clap and acknowledge your dedication to the etiquette rule established (most likely) in the 1930's.

At Town Center Dental, we'd like to invite you to consider that packing away all of your whites might not be the best idea as you step into fall. One accessory you want to wear throughout the year (even after Labor Day) is a white smile. Your white teeth offer a necessary accessory every day of the year.

Over the years your teeth begin to dull and can make you look older. They may begin to change to a yellowish or grayish color. They also can tend to appear dull and a lot less brilliant. The reason your teeth are losing their white color could be due to many factors. Your diet, habits, heredity and other reasons may be causing your teeth discoloration.

At Town Center Dental, we offer a professional whitening system that will deliver you with white teeth that you will enjoy all year long. Our Zoom whitening professional system offers you in-office and take-home options. Our in-office procedure will be performed in about one hour, and your teeth can lighten by ten shades in this short amount of time. Our take-home option will deliver the same results, however it will be accomplished in a little more time. Call and book your Zoom whitening professional teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Paes today!

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