What to Expect When You Get Dental Implants - Lagrangeville, NY

Dental Implants may not be a new procedure being offered in dentistry, but there are still some people who are unfamiliar with it. Telling a patient that the dentist would make sure to perform the procedure carefully and comfortably may not be enough to make them feel at ease. To help them, we at Town Center Dental of LaGrange listed down the things that they can expect when getting a dental implant.

  • Like any other procedure, dental implants starts with an initial consultation with the dentist who has the right skills and training to perform the process like our dentist here at Town Center Dental of LaGrange. A thorough examination of the mouth, as well as the taking of x-rays,  will be performed to make sure that the implant procedure would be the best course of action of the specific patient. Once the patient is deemed to be a candidate for the treatment, a plan would be formulated by the dentist.

  • The next appointment is when the implant would be surgically placed on the site of the missing teeth. It would be strategically positioned depending on the patient’s bone condition to ensure a firm and stable placement. Each patient has their own pain tolerance levels. To ensure a better experience, local anesthetics or sedation options can be provided. It allows the patient to feel completely comfortable and would only sense the pressures applied without any pain.

  • After its placement, the patient would be sent home to heal. Minor bleeding, bruising, pain, and swelling is normally experienced by many, but it can be alleviated by taking over the counter medications. In the first few weeks, the patient would be required to eat only soft foods for healing to be guaranteed. Osseointegration will take place during the healing period, and it is the one that helps in strengthening the foundation of the implant post. The titanium post promotes the growth of the bone around it making the artificial device a natural part of the mouth.

  • The abutment will then be placed on the post which would lie in the gum line area. Its purpose is to connect the post and the prosthesis installed to complete the overall restoration procedure. But there are also cases that the abutment is placed together with the dental implant. The prosthesis to be placed depends on the number of missing teeth that need replacement; a dental crown, bridge, or dentures can be used.

  • Once the dental implant procedure is completed, follow up check-ups should be scheduled periodically for the dentist to keep track of its status and to check if there are any other issues that need to be taken care of. Recommendations for its proper care would also be discussed to ensure the longevity of the dental appliance.

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