What is CEREC?

We have exciting news to share with our patients! We have a new, state-of-the-art piece of equipment here at Town Center Dental of LaGrange, and our team is trained and ready to go! If you need a crown or other restoration, we think you’ll be pretty excited about our new CEREC machine.

CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is a sophisticated system of designing and creating high-quality, metal-free dental restorations in just one patient visit.

Utilizing 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology, we will design a “virtual” restoration - inlays, onlays, crowns and even some bridges - with no messy, uncomfortable impressions. We will send this design to our brand new CEREC milling machine which will carve the actual restoration out of a ceramic block using diamond head cutters. During this time, you will be sitting comfortably in our office. When complete, the restoration will be bonded to the tooth, and you will be done! That’s right, a complete restoration in just one visit.

We are proud and excited to offer our patients the ultimate in digital dental technology. We understand that you have a busy schedule and that finding time to address dental issues can be challenging. CEREC same-day restorations allow us to provide you with a top-quality restoration in a fraction of the time. Not only will you love the convenience of your new restoration, we think you’ll be impressed with the quality as well.

As always, your team at Town Center Dental of LaGrange is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality dental procedures. CEREC is a great new addition to our wide range of services.