Use It Or Lose It Dental Benefits

Poughkeepsie NY Dentist Office that Takes InsuranceHave you ever thought about how expiration dates can drive your life? Coupons that are about to expire can cause you to make an unexpected trip to the store, so you use it and won't lose out on the savings. Soon-to-be-expired milk can drive you to make a recipe that calls for that milk so it won't have to be poured down the drain. The root of all of this is the desire to not waste anything.

Wasting something you've worked hard for is not something you ever set out to do. However, did you know that you could be wasting hundreds of dollars in dental benefits if you don't use them each year? If you carry dental benefits, often times they expire on December 31. This means that any benefit that your insurance company offered to you is essentially returned back to them. Simply put, a benefit earned by you will be returned back to your insurance company if you don't use it.

Dr. Paes wants you to enjoy the full level of dental benefits that you earned and deserve. Don't let your dental benefits be wasted and go back into the hands of your dental insurance company.

Here are some ways to avoid losing your dental benefits by not using them.

  1. Call Town Center Dental and ask for your complimentary benefits check today. We will do the work for you as we research what benefits are still available to you for the remainder of the year. Together, we will make a plan to help you maximize your benefits.
  2. Once you discover the full range of your benefits, book your appointment today! As the December 31 expiration date approaches, others will be scrambling to get in their treatments as well. Book your appointment today so you have more appointment options available to you.

Call Town Center today and book your appointment. We look forward to helping your use and not lose your dental benefits.

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