Town Center Dental of Lagrange Is a Proud “Angel” of Light

A smile -  millions of people deserve it, but only a few strive to give someone a reason for smiling. Then and now, our main goal here at Town Center Dental of Lagrange is to sprinkle happiness to patients, that is why we see to it that the different dental services that we offer from restorative to cosmetic dentistry are sure to provide them with their dream smiles effectively.

Nevertheless, we also believe that our practice can give more than just a beautiful smile. Dr. Paes and the team aims to touch the hearts of people by being more charitable this yuletide season. Without further ado, we are glad to announce that we are a part of the “Angels of Light” organization.

This humble, generous foundation was founded by ordinary people with big hearts, Lori and George Decker. Together with their family, they started the mission of giving to the needy every holiday ten years ago. 2016 came, and Angels of Light, Inc. became an official 501(c)(3)  organization.

The primary objective of Angels of Light, Inc. is to conduct a holiday giving to children and families in Hudson Valley, especially to those that are battling with life-threatening maladies.


Be A Bearer Of Light!

Let us not forget the true essence of Christmas: giving. May we always keep in mind that at the end of the day, people need people. All the success, wealth, and possessions will just come to waste if we fail to give back to the community. After all, the world needs a lot of individuals who are willing to be a vessel of love, joy, and peace to their fellow human.

So how can you be a part of this Christmas movement? You can contact us at Town Center Dental of Lagrange for inquiries, or you may click this link for further information:


We at Town Center Dental of Lagrange wish you a merry and meaningful holiday. May your hearts be filled as you give abundantly. Remember, a simple act of kindness can have a significant impact. Today might be your time to change someone else’s lives - and Christmas Eve!