Town Center Dental of LaGrange Goes Pink! - Lagrangeville, NY

Falling crunchy leaves, cozy weather, hot chocolates - October is here! Aside from the fine season, what else keeps you smiling about the month? Perhaps, it’s the different pink ribbon gears displayed anywhere.

The month of October calls for the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As part of the event, we at Town Center Dental of LaGrange are one in going pink this year again.

If this picture of Dr. Paes reaches 500 likes or more on our facebook page, our very own Dr. Paes will wear his fancy pink tutu! This is to show support on the Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Program. Help us raise and spread the word by hitting “LIKE” and “SHARE!” on our Facebook page

Ways to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

While you are not obliged to look like a ballerina with fluffy tutus, you can try different ways to give back and raise awareness this October.

Stay Bright and Positive

It’s hard to flash a smile seeing a family member or friend battling with cancer. However, as much as you want to mourn and sympathize, try your best to keep a positive aura. It is during this very season of their lives that they need encouragement and upliftment. Why not flaunt a smile? After all, smiling is contagious. You might like to put a smile on their faces too, don’t you?

Be a Giver

There are plenty of ways to show support and end breast cancer, but if there’s one effective and practical approach to do so, it is by channeling the inner giver in you by lending cash or donations. Many restaurants and cafes promote the breast cancer awareness by donating a portion of their proceeds. Buying a cup of smoothie to those certain stores can go a long way in helping a lot of cancer patients.

Take Time to Volunteer

Even with an empty pocket, you can still show your best support by freeing yourself to volunteer in any organization of your choice. Attending some local events that are focused on spreading Breast Cancer Awareness or even sharing our own story will do.

Go Pink

Pink ribbons are the strongest symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness. Nevertheless, you can also wear pink shirts or accessories.

Did you know why pink is the designated color for Breast Cancer Awareness? Aside from its historical reason, the color is ideal as it signifies life affirmations, calmness, serenity, and stress-relief. According to some, it is also thought to be health-giving.

To all the pink warriors all over the globe, we at Town Center Dental of LaGrange wish you well. Keep persevering. Know that this battle is not yours, we are one with you!