Tips to Help Your Mouth Heal After a Tooth Extraction

Most people would agree that they don't look forward to having their teeth extracted. However, some instances require the said procedure instead of compromising more structures or overall oral health. At Town Center Dental of LaGrange, patients can rest easy since our dentist understand that extraction is not the most pleasant procedure. So, to make the experience more bearable, means to reduce discomfort will be carried out. For additional assistance after the teeth are extracted, here is a list of proper aftercare tips to follow!

Sleeping position

It is recommended for patients to keep their head elevated when resting and sleeping to decrease the chance of bleeding. When lying down, patients should prop their heads by using a couple of pillows.

Limit activity

Patients are highly advised to take it easy for a few days after a tooth extraction procedure. With that being said, any strenuous activities should be avoided since doing so can cause the extraction wound to reopen.

Manage pain

The patient will be sent home by the dentist with pain medication. For best results, these medicines should be taken as instructed. To deal with any additional pain, ice the area against the extraction site for 10 minutes at a time.

Be mindful of foods

To hasten the healing process, patients should secure proper nutrition, but they should also watch what they eat. For the first 24 hours, patients should make sure to avoid eating hot foods. And for the next two days, only soft foods should be consumed. When chewing, it is best to chew on the opposite side of the extracted area to prevent the clot from being dislodged.

Let clot form

After removing a tooth, the dentist will then place a gauze over the extraction site which the patient needs to bite down to apply pressure. Doing so allows the clot to form and for the area to heal. Keep the gauze on for three to four hours and replace it once it soaks through.

Take care of the mouth

Having a tooth or two extracted does not exempt a person from performing oral hygiene. Patients should resume brushing and flossing while avoiding the extraction site to prevent bleeding and keep the clot intact.

If there are any irregularities experienced, it is best to address the concerns to a dentist for they know the best actions to take.


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