Three Reasons You Should Choose Teeth In A Day

Poughkeepsie NY Restorative DentistAt Town Center Dental, we are your dental office in New York for a procedure called “Teeth In A Day.” There are several obvious reasons for choosing this, because it uses innovative techniques and technology to give you fixed prosthetic teeth that are secured to your dental implants, all in one single day.

There are other, less obvious reasons, you might consider choosing Town Center Dental’s “Teeth In A Day".

  1. Choosing “Teeth In A Day” will save you time. Compared to other methods for replacing missing teeth, this procedure requires very little of your time in our dental office, which means more time for you with your family, friends and hobbies!
  2. “Teeth In A Day” provides you with a more secure smile. Compared to other options for replacing missing teeth, this procedure is securely placed in your mouth via dental implants. There’s no slipping or moving of your teeth. You can chew and smile securely.
  3. You’ll be happy to know that at Town Center Dental, Dr. Paes offers many options to help you afford the “Teeth In A Day” procedure. He offers CareCredit, Dental Savers Plans, and coupons. He also accepts many insurance plans such as Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, MetLife and more. His office will work with you to make this procedure affordable for you.

Call Town Center Dental today to discover how you too can have the teeth you’ve been wanting in one day!

Posted on behalf of Town Center Dental