The “Why” of Dental Care In Helping Your Child Form Good Dental Habits

Lagrangeville NY Pediatric DentistWhen forming habits, whether you're young or you're old, it takes time. As adults, we know what's right and what we need to do in order to maintain good dental health. We know we have informed choices to make, and we can choose to take care of our teeth, or not. For children, they need more time and education to form positive dental habits.

Educating your child on the "why" of dental health is the first step in helping them form good dental habits. All children go through the inquisitive stage (usually around the age of three) where every question begins with the word, "why". "Why do I have to go to bed now?" "Why can't I have that lollipop now?" "Why can't I play in the street?" While these questions can be somewhat exhausting, they are important. They are helping form in their little minds what's important, safe and good.

While your child is in the process of forming good dental habits, be sure to let your child know why they need to brush twice a day. They need to know that by brushing, they are removing the plaque build-up on their teeth. Your child needs to know that they are flossing once per day because the floss is like a tool in their hand that they can use to get into the tight spaces between their teeth to floss. Your child also needs to understand they "why" behind your "no" to too many sweets, sugary treats and drinks. These things can cause cavities and harm their growing teeth and gums.

When considering a dental office for your family, find one that can help you build positive dental habits for your child. At Town Center Dental, we want to help explain the "whys" to you and your child, so you all can have happy and healthy teeth!

Posted on behalf of Town Center Dental