Teaming Up

Poughkeepsie NY DentistSo much about biting into an apple requires teamwork! You have a team of teeth in your mouth that work together to accomplish the juicy bite, chew and eventual digestion of that health apple. Your sharp incisors at the front and center of your mouth are the ones who take that initial sweet bite. Your canines are your sharpest teeth that rip and tear your food apart. Your molars are used for chewing and grinding the apple so it can be swallowed and digested. Each member of your teeth landscape is important for eating and allowing your body to digest healthy foods good for dental health. Each tooth team member also provides you with your beautiful smile.

Keeping each member of your tooth team strong and healthy is important. That’s why Dr. Paes recommends visiting Town Center Dental two times per year for your cleanings and checkups. During this time Dr. Paes ensures you’re properly cleaning and caring for your teeth through a comprehensive dental exam. Your teeth will be examined, x-rayed, cleaned, and screened for oral cancer and periodontal disease.

Not only do your teeth team up for proper digestion and a brilliant smile, but Dr. Paes also teams up with his incredible staff at Town Center Dental to provide you with gentle, thorough and professional care the entire time you are under their care. From our office staff, to hygienists, to our associates, dentists and surgeons, we all work together for you!

Book your appointment with our team at Town Center Dental! We look forward to being on the same team!

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