Survive Your First Week of Wearing Invisalign Aligners in Lagrangeville, NY

It is normal for patients to feel excited after finally receiving their first set of Invisalign aligners. Not long enough, they will have to get the straight smile that they wish to have. However, before they could see the final result, there are certain steps that they need to follow first to make the treatment successful. Don’t worry—Invisalign is not as burdensome as the traditional orthodontic approach. But to ensure that our patients’ ‘adjustment period’ (typically during the first week) will turn out even better, our practice at Town Center Dental of LaGrange gave out some useful tips and tricks. Find out what are these below!

Ace Your First Week with Invisalign!

Pursue an Invisalign Routine

The challenge is, Invisalign needs to be removed when eating and placed back in the mouth again after. This cycle is tricky, especially to those who have a busy schedule. They might forget to wear their aligners; and worst, they may fail to follow the recommended time wear of Invisalign aligners which is 22 hours per day. That is why we advised our patients to track their daily wear of clear aligners through journaling or the use of mobile apps that are specifically made for orthodontic patients.

Help Your Aligner to Stay Clean and Clear

Don’t sip your favorite cappuccino or frappe with the aligner on unless you want everyone to know that you are wearing a plastic device in your mouth. The smooth, clear appearance of Invisalign tray can become less attractive if it is exposed to staining substances. Remember to clean your teeth before popping in the aligner so no food particles will cling on the orthodontic device.

Exercise to Counter Invisalign Discomfort

It is a part of the wearer’s adjustment period to experience pain with the aligner. What we recommend is doing a biting exercise every time you put the tray back in. Chewing exercises are considered excellent massages for the gums. They also soothe the pain by promoting nutrient-rich blood flow in the mouth.

Wearing Invisalign aligners may be tricky at first, but once wearers get used to their removable orthodontic devices, those hassles will no longer be a cause of worry.

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