Reasons to Consider CEREC Crowns in Lagrangeville, NY?

Looking back can make anyone realize how advanced everything is nowadays. From high-end gadgets to the things that can be done on the internet like bookings, scheduling, and even purchases, almost everything can now be performed conveniently, even in dentistry!

For instance, the usual hassles of wearing an orthodontic appliance are now significantly reduced and even eliminated. When it comes to dental restorations, there is now an immediate solution that our patients at Town Center Dental of LaGrange can enjoy – CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns! Why should patients consider this newer option than the traditional prosthesis? Read on.

Lesser chance of adjustment

The problem with the conventional method is the ones who created the prosthesis greatly rely on the impressions sent to the laboratory. Due to this, a mistake on the model would require alterations or recreation of the crowns. With CEREC, aside from using advanced technology, dentists also have a clearer view of the tooth to be treated. Adjustments are less likely necessary.

Improved record taking

Patients do not have to endure the gag-inducing impression putty that is traditionally used. Instead, digital images are captured and sent to the device that would create a digital mold of the teeth. It ensures a more pleasant and accurate record that dentists can use in designing the prosthesis.

Less risk of allergies

Unfortunately, most traditional crowns use nickel as the foundation. As a result, the prosthesis is not the ideal solution for people with a nickel allergy. Thankfully, CEREC uses ceramic materials which are hypoallergenic.


After hearing that CEREC crowns can be crafted on the same day of the appointment, many people assumed that it offers a weak solution. The truth is, patients are assured that the prosthesis can withstand the normal forces applied when talking and chewing.

No need for temporaries

Patients do not need to spend multiple dental visits to have their teeth restored with CEREC crowns, and there is no need to craft any temporary prosthesis. After preparing the tooth and impression taking, patients will wait for a few minutes while the milling machine creates the crowns. Afterward, it will be bonded on the tooth and checked by the dentist. If the crown sits perfectly on the tooth, the patient is then free to leave.

Improves confidence

A damaged or decayed tooth can cause a person to be more self-conscious and embarrassed to smile. Fortunately, restorative options are available to provide the perfect solutions. CEREC crowns are focused not only on restoring the state of a compromised tooth but also to improve its appearance. Since it uses ceramic materials to provide natural-looking results, patients are once again free to smile to their heart’s content.

Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about CEREC Dental Crowns in Lagrangeville, NY, or to schedule your appointment with Town Center Dental of LaGrange.