Periodontal Therapy in Lagrangeville: Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Benefits

The health of the gums is often neglected because people focus more on their teeth. If the gums and other oral structures besides the teeth are not given equal attention and care, complications can arise which includes gum disease.

Gum disease is also known as Periodontal Disease. It is an inflammation of the gums which can affect both the hard and the soft tissues in the mouth. If left untreated it can lead to serious dental and overall health problems. Here at Town Center Dental of LaGrange, we offer treatments that can prevent the development of gum diseases such as Gum Infection Treatment or Scaling & Root Planing.

Common Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease

Plaque: The main reason for most dental health problems is the plaque. It is a sticky substance or biofilm of accumulated bacteria that form between teeth and the gum line. If left unattended, plaque can harden to tartar and progress further the other oral structures causing damage.

Tobacco Use: Smoking and using tobacco is associated with many health issues such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and others. Aside from these, it also increases the risks for smokers to develop gum disease and other dental complications.

Age: Studies have shown that older people have the highest risk of developing gum disease since as people age, their health also starts to decline. It increases the risk not only of gum disease but other health problems as well.

Stress: Like smoking, stress is linked to many serious health problems and conditions like cancer, hypertension, and others. Research says that stress makes it more difficult for the body to fight against dental and overall health infections.

Medications: Certain medications have side effects that can negatively affect a person’s dental health. It can be teeth discolorations, dry mouth, mouth sores, change in taste, and even gum disease. It is better to inform the dentist about any current medications taken to take precautionary measures for the prevention of any complications.

Poor Nutritional Habits: Consuming low nutritional content foods compromises the immune system. It will be more challenging for the body to naturally fight off infection without having the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. Not just poor habits, obesity can also increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

  • Red and swollen gums

  • Easily bleeding of the gums when brushing, flossing and other oral activities

  • Persistent bad breath

  • Loose dental Prostheses

  • Bite issues

  • Loose teeth

  • Receding Gums

  • Pus between the teeth and gums

Many people do not know that they have a periodontal Disease for it is often silent; its symptoms do not appear until it has developed into an advanced stage.

Benefits of Periodontal Treatment

  • Fresher breath

  • Removes tartar and plaque in teeth

  • Other diseases will be detected

  • A more beautiful smile

  • Improved overall dental health

Periodontal Therapy is a helpful treatment to most patients. Together with proper and regular dental practices, patients will achieve what they wanted to attain, a healthier mouth and radiant smile.

If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like your sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, loss teeth or separate teeth, contact our office at Town Center Dental of LaGrange for Periodontal Therapy in Lagrangeville.