No Ju-Lying About Composite Fillings

Lagrangeville NY Cosmetic DentistryDr. Paes would like to wish you a very happy July 4th!

If you’re lying, you’re telling lies, being deliberately untruthful, deceitful and false. Other words (synonyms) for lies are: deceptive, misleading, mendacious, fallacious, sham or counterfeit. Wow, all of that sounds really awful, doesn’t it?  Nobody likes to be the recipient of a lie (unless it’s for a surprise party or gift that people are hiding from you).

At Town Center Dental, we do have some little white ones (white composite fillings, that is).  We have something called composite fillings. They are composite resins used as filling material to repair and fill your cavity. The composite fillings are durable and made to blend perfectly with your white teeth.

Think of our composite fillings not as a lie, but as a way to deceive others into thinking you don’t have any cavities in your mouth. No more covering your mouth when laughing or smiling to hide traditional metal fillings. Composite fillings will have everyone convinced your mouth is cavity-free.

The composite fillings are a plastic and glass mixture that gives strength and durability to your damaged or weakened tooth. They can also be used if you have a chipped or minor gaps in your teeth. The white material is applied directly to the surface of your tooth. The process is quick and painless.

At Town Center Dental, we’d like to encourage you that lying is really not a good thing. However, our composite fillings are a great way to cover up your fillings. Book your appointment with Dr. Paes and see if composite fillings are right for you.

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