Myths and Facts About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Just like any other dental procedure, no matter how common they may be, some individuals are still scared of undergoing wisdom tooth removal. Usually, this is a result of people believing several inaccurate information that they have heard or found on the internet.

In order to prevent misunderstandings and misinformation about wisdom tooth and its procedure, we at Town Center Dental of LaGrange have compiled the following myths and the truths behind it to help patients determine what’s real and not. Continue reading below:

Myth 1. Everyone has wisdom teeth

Fact: It is believed that each person is expected to have their wisdom teeth as they come at a certain age. However, that is not always true since not all people get their wisdom teeth. Some have their wisdom teeth underneath their gums that never erupt while others have one or two wisdom teeth that have erupted. Also, around 35 percent of the population have no wisdom teeth at all ever since they were born. That is why you can’t know for sure whether you have them or not until your dentist examines your mouth and have it x-rayed during your adolescence years or specifically between the ages of 17 to 25.

Myth 2. Everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed

Fact: Wisdom teeth are usually removed; however, they don’t always have to be taken out, not unless they have become a problem such as causing the teeth to become overcrowded, impacted, or painful.

Myth 3. Wisdom teeth serve no purpose

Fact: Like other teeth, wisdom teeth are efficient in making chewing a lot easier. Anthropologists believed that ancient people needed wisdom teeth to consume rough and coarse food like meats, tough roots, and leaves that required more chewing. However, unlike before, today’s diet consists of softer foods and utensils that play a role in making eating or chewing easier without the need for wisdom teeth. This is one of the reasons why wisdom teeth have become functionless, according to evolutionary biologists.

Myth 4. Early removal of wisdom teeth is not always better

Fact: Wisdom teeth are actually easier to remove when you are younger. That is because the surrounding bone is softer, roots have not completely implanted, and there is less risk of causing damage to nearby structures and nerves. On the other hand, removing the affected wisdom teeth at an older age can be more complicated since the roots are fully formed, the jawbone is denser, and nerves may be involved. 

Myth 5. Pulling out the wisdom teeth is dangerous

Fact: While wisdom teeth are surgically removed, and there are risks to all surgeries, removal of wisdom teeth is a common and relatively safe procedure. More often, patients who have undergone this procedure did not experience any complications. 


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