Make the Most out of Your Dental Benefits Before the Year Ends in Lagrangeville, NY

Dental treatments are no longer a burden in the pocket, thanks to the different dental benefits! However, there are some that are unfortunately not able to be covered by dental insurances. At Town Center Dental of LaGrange, we are committed to providing our patients with the best oral health care services without burdening their budget. We are proud to present them with wide options of insurance plans and even make their dental experiences more convenient by offering flexible payment choices. We also accept Medicaid and HMO plans. Moreover, Town Center Dental of LaGrange’s dentist, Dr. Paes, is one of the in-network providers for most PPO plans which includes Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, Metlife, and more!

Our team is encouraging you to wisely use your hard-earned dental budget before the new year comes! Whether you acquire dental insurance from your employer or you have been set up with a Flexible Spending Account or FSA, follow these tips that we at Town Center Dental of LaGrange provided:


Tips for maximizing your dental plan benefits

Many employers usually allocate specific dental benefits to their employees despite the availability of individual plans that they can get through Health Insurance Marketplaces. Keep in mind that buying a plan means paying extra dollars which will only be a waste if you don’t see the dentist. Usually, insurance companies cover the benefits until December 31 only. The best thing to do is to take advantage of your privileges before they run out.

  • Make use of your dental benefits by visiting the dentist for dental health services. Typically, the procedures under preventive care are fully covered by the insurance.

  • The end of the calendar year is the ideal time if you need to undergo extensive dental treatments with multiple visits, especially if you have reached your deductible already and you have not hit the yearly maximum yet.

  • You may discuss with your dentist ahead about the treatments that you need to avail and be sure to comply before the year ends.

  • After distinguishing your dental needs, begin talking to your dentist and the provider of your dental benefits to learn about what procedures are covered.


To get the most out of your dental benefits, choosing an in-network dentist is best! Town Center Dental of LaGrange participates in some of the various networks regarding dental plans. We aim to provide top-quality dentistry and deliver affordable dental care at the same time.