Food for Tooth: What to Eat After a Wisdom Tooth Removal in Lagrangeville, NY

The third molars that are last to grow at the back of the gums are known as wisdom teeth. Typically, people develop four wisdom teeth and due to the lack of space, sometimes they may peak at odd angles or might only emerge partly. When this occurs, the wisdom teeth are identified as impacted.

Having the third molars impacted might result in numerous problems. Infections, damages in the neighboring teeth, crowding and decays commonly take place. The last resort of people when these problems happen is a wisdom tooth removal. We at Town Center Dental of LaGrange provide regular tooth and wisdom teeth extractions to alleviate discomfort and pain effectively.

Say for example you had your wisdom teeth removed. By then, you should be thinking about the ways to maintain the right nutrition that your body and mouth need. A healthy diet plays a vital role in minimizing complications, diminishing swelling, and fasten the healing process.

When choosing the foods to eat after the surgery, you should make sure that it is soft and easy to chew. It is best to also consider the vitamins, minerals, and all the nutrients it contains.

Here is a list of must-try foods after having your wisdom teeth removed:


Broths are a good option when it comes to nourishing the overall health after the procedure. Aside from its delicious taste, the vitamins and minerals found in it are also beneficial to the body. Those who struggle from drinking an adequate amount of water daily, sipping a broth is one great way to stay hydrated.

Scrambled Eggs

High protein eggs are also one of the best foods to eat after your wisdom teeth had been pulled out. However, make sure to look for pasteurized or omega-3-enriched eggs as they tend to help heal the wounds quickly. Having it scrambled makes it much easier to chew and swallow.


Are you struggling in eating a solid meal? Try smoothies. As its name implies, they are much smoother to consume. Plus, you can always adjust the ingredients according to your preference and the nutrition goals that you want to meet.

As much as possible, avoid spicy, crunchy, grainy, and chewy foods to prevent delaying your recovery.

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