Familiarizing the Risk Factors of Gum Disease

If you think that you are safe from the effects of gum disease by brushing first thing in the morning and right before sleeping, you are mistaken. Even by brushing religiously every day, a person can still be at risk of the potentially devastating condition. That is because you may have been missing on the other necessities to keep the overall oral health in shape. Remember, sound oral health does not just begin and end with the teeth. Other oral structures like the gums and jaw deserve adequate attention as well.

To prevent gum disease from worsening or forming in the first place, dentists highly encourage patients to observe the correct oral hygiene practices. For everyone to become more aware of gum disease, we at Town Center Dental of LaGrange encourage every patient to be vigilant with the state of their oral health. If there are irregularities, it is best not to ignore them for doing so can cause a treatable condition to worsen and result in more problems in the long run.

To become aware of gum disease, here are some of its warning signs:

Receding gums

Noticed that your teeth look longer than it initially was? This occurrence does not mean that the teeth continued growing. It is because of the gums that are starting to pull away from the teeth. Gum recession is the condition where the soft tissues around the teeth are beginning to expose the tooth root. If this continues to happen, a person’s risk of developing cavities and infection increases. The risk of losing teeth becomes more likely as well.

Chronic bad breath

While others usually experience bad breath because of eating something pungent or after waking up in the morning. Some continue to produce an unpleasant smell in their mouth even after brushing. Bad breath may also be an indicator of oral complications like tooth decay and gum disease. Scheduling a dental visit will allow the dentist to conduct a proper diagnosis to find out the exact cause, and treatment will be provided.

Sore, inflamed, and bleeding gums

It is never normal to see blood after brushing or flossing. Remember, healthy gums would not bleed. Bleeding may occur due to the accumulation of bacteria that causes the gums to become irritated, turn red, and easily bleed. This occurrence is referred to as gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

If any of these risk factors are experienced, it is best to book a dental appointment to avoid the possibility of missing teeth and putting the overall health at risk!

If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like the sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, or loose teeth, contact our office at Town Center Dental of LaGrange for the Treatment for Gum Disease in Lagrangeville, NY!