Don’t Avoid Dental Implants

Lagrangeville NY Implant DentistryIf you have missing teeth that are not affecting your appearance, there is a tendency to avoid doing anything about it. Often it’s physical appearance that makes everyone be more proactive with our dental decisions. When a dental issue is not impacting your good looks, it’s easy to wait and avoid.

The bad news is that while a missing tooth may not be damaging your appearance, it could be harmful for many reasons. It has long-term oral implications that can be devastating. Your missing teeth can compromise your bite and your ability to chew and speak well. Adjacent teeth may try to compensate for the function of the missing teeth. This overcompensation could lead to headaches and muscle pain in your jaw.

Without teeth, other teeth could move because there is suddenly space to spread out. Gum recession could begin and your jawbone could begin to erode in that particular area.  All of these harmful effects of waiting for your necessary implants may complicate your decision in the future to replace the missing tooth.

Whatever the reason for avoiding a dental implant, it’s important to realize the benefits to dental implants. They have about a 95% success rate and are a result of 50 years of clinical research. They function as a root system for a crown that is custom made to look like your natural teeth.

If you’re avoiding a dental implant, book an appointment at Town Center Dental to find out how a dental implant is right for you.

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