Do I Have a Cavity?

Lagrangeville NY Cosmetic Dental TreatmentOne of the most common questions that our Lagrangeville dentist is asked, is "Do I have a cavity?" We know that you want to keep your smile decay-free and bright for life, and are happy to show you how. But first, here are some signs and symptoms to watch out for. If you ever experience any of the following, be sure to call our office right away:

"Something Feels Off"
Sometimes there's no specific pain or discomfort, but you note that when you're chewing that something feels "off." While it's not a specific symptom, this is a warning sign that something is going on with your tooth.

"My Tongue Feels Something Rough/Sharp"
It's amazing how even the smallest changes to our teeth can be felt with our tongue. If you run your tongue across your smile and something feels sharp or jagged, it could be a small crack or cavity in your tooth.

"There is Food Getting Stuck in My Teeth"
A sudden opening in your tooth could allow food to pack inside of it during your meals. You may notice this suddenly if an old filling breaks or your tooth has chipped. It could also be a sign of gum disease. We'll need to check to be sure.

"Certain Foods Make My Tooth Sensitive"
Do you find that something sweet, such as tea or a breath mint tend to send a jolt of pain through your tooth? Sensitivity to sugars or sweets is almost always a sign that a cavity has crept through your enamel.

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