Considering Dentures?

Poughkeepsie NY Restorative DentistAt Town Center Dental, we offer several restorative dentistry solutions for your missing teeth. Dentures provide a dependable solution for patients seeking a comfortable and natural-looking solution to missing teeth. We offer partial or full dentures for you if you are missing just a few or entire set of teeth. Dentures are considered replacement teeth that are attached to an acrylic base that matches the color of your gums. The denture attaches to your natural teeth using clasps so it is held in place.

If it is determined that an implant or bridge is not a solution suited for your needs or budget, a full or partial denture is a great option as well. There are many advantages for you if you choose dentures:

  • Dentures typically cost less than fixed bridges or implants.
  • Dentures are not dependent upon other teeth next to the missing teeth or space to be prepared.
  • Dentures are easily repaired.
  • Dentures are removed for optimal cleaning.
  • Dentures are made of high quality materials and custom-made to blend naturally with your existing smile.

If this season of fall triggers a desire in you to make a change to your smile landscape, why not consider how a full or partial denture can offer you the change you’re looking for. November is a part of a season of change and thankfulness. At Town Center Dental, we want you to experience a smile that you can be thankful for.

Call our dental office at Town Center Dental of LaGrange today to get you on the road to finding the right restorative dentistry solution for you! When you choose our office for your dentures, we’re certain you’ll enjoy our relaxing office amenities, state-of-the-art technology, flexible payment plans and convenient scheduling.

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