Choosing the Best Denture Option

Aside from being unsightly, tooth loss can even cause a person to struggle in normal activities like eating or speaking. Fortunately, dentures have helped many people in regaining their lost structures. Although there are newer and improved options available, many people still choose the age-old solution. The good thing is, as improvements are being made in dental care, dentures are also enhanced to cater to more patients.

However, dentures are known to cause discomfort and embarrassing slippage as time passes. Since this oral appliance is removable, it can move around the mouth once the jaw and gums change in shape. Thankfully, there is now a solution that eliminates this possibility. With its help, dentures continue to be one of the favorable teeth replacement options for many. We at Town Center Dental of LaGrange, aside from the traditional types of dentures, we also use dental implants to secure the highest level of comfort and stability. Curious about what makes implant-supported dentures that much different from the traditional appliance? Read on!

No need for messy dental adhesives

People who find their dentures wobbly tend to use denture adhesives to help keep the appliance in place. However, most adhesives do not work that well and others even have a horrible taste. But by considering dentures with dental implants, patients no longer have to worry about slippage since the oral appliance will stay securely in place.

Allows patients to eat whatever they want

Although traditional dentures do help regain a person’s ability to eat, there are a few restrictions that need to be observed to prevent the appliance from being damaged. But with implant-supported dentures, patients are free to eat their favorite foods without worrying about their teeth replacement.

No more embarrassing moments

Have you been trying to avoid conversations with other people so that you can prevent any uncomfortable situations from happening, like your dentures falling out of your mouth? It is a problem most denture wearers constantly worry about. With implant-supported dentures, not only will the appliance stay in place, other people won’t even know about it unless mentioned by the wearer.

Helps preserve the bone

Bone loss is a problem that can occur due to missing teeth. Even after replacing what has been lost with traditional dentures, the bone will continue to deteriorate, which may lead to more lost teeth. Fortunately, the implant posts used to support a stable denture acts more than just anchors but also mimic the function of the tooth root—stimulate the bone to keep it healthy and strong.

Improves confidence

Since patients no longer have to worry about their dentures falling or slipping out of place, they can feel more confident in showing off their smiles.


Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Take advantage of our Denture offers in Lagrangeville, NY! Aside from the traditional type, we also utilize dental implants for a more stable and secured oral appliance. Call or visit us at Town Center Dental of LaGrange to get started.