Teeth In A Day!

Technology in dentistry is progressing quickly to provide patients with conveniences that were difficult to imagine a decade ago. One of the most recent advances utilizes dental implants to give patients their “Teeth in a Day.”

The concept is simple: If a patient has deteriorating, loosen, or broken teeth, that need to be replaced due to gum disease, they can visit our office, have all their teeth extracted by our Oral Surgeon, have dental implants placed, and go home that same day with a fixed denture that is screwed into the implants.

The execution of this plan can be complex, however. It requires advanced planning with cone beam CT scanning, excellent communication between the Oral Surgeon, Dentist, and the laboratory making the fixed denture, and finally, skill on part of the clinician.

The first step is a thorough evaluation by the clinician to determine if the patient is a candidate or not. A cone beam CT scan is performed which shows the bone level underneath the gums. The status of the teeth are checked and a treatment plan for your “Teeth in a Day” is presented. After acceptance of the treatment plan, the surgeon plans a virtual placement of the dental implants on the computer. He also takes an impression of the jaw to make the fixed denture.  Depending on the number of teeth present, there may be a try-in appointment where the patient can see if what their teeth will look like.

On the day of the surgery, the patient is sedated with IV medication, the teeth are extracted, and implants are placed. Next, the restorative dentist will screw in the fixed dentures into the implants. The patient leaves with a set of teeth that are not only esthetically pleasing but also functional.

About 6 months down the road, a final “implant supported denture” is made which is much stronger than the temporary.

The goal of this idea is to provide patients with a set of teeth that they can feel good about in one day. We are currently working on the website and the execution of this idea! Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or would like to be a candidate.

Stay tuned for more details!


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